Apple has officially released MacOS 10.15 Catalina, which eliminates support for 32-bit applications.

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When Should I Deactivate?

We have many articles that explain the deactivation process, but we understand it can be confusing. Here is a quick list to help you decide whether or not you should deactivate Smaart:


"I will be upgrading my computer to Windows 10 / OSX Version X.X.X."
Do not deactivate! Doing this risks corrupting your license and requiring our help to activate/deactivate on that machine again. Most of the time, Smaart v8 will continue to function after an update, but if you do get Error 523, check out our article here

"I will be restoring/resetting my computer by using 'Reset this PC', 'Windows Start Fresh', 'System Restore' or 'Time Machine'."
Do not deactivate! Smaart's license is system-based. It will not disappear entirely when you uninstall the program. These different functions from Windows and Apple that claim to "reset your PC" often leave certain critical system components in place, and Smaart may stay partially licensed and deactivating can cause problems. 

"I will no longer be using Smaart on this computer, but I will be migrating this computer to a new computer using Time Machine/Acronis instead."
Do not deactivate! SMAART does not support migrating in general, but if you absolutely must do it you can utilize the following guide in our Knowledge Base here

"I will no longer be using SMAART on this computer ever."
Go ahead and deactivate! No problems here. This will give you an available license seat to activate the new computer. 

"I will be formatting the hard drive completely and I will be installing the Operating System from scratch without using Time Machine, Acronis, or any migration software."
Go ahead and deactivate! No problems here. This will assure you have an available license seat after you complete the process. 

Most of the time, Smaart should continue to function after the processes above in which we suggest keeping it activated. Sometimes, the machine ID can change. In that case, we can get it resolved for you very quickly if you send us an email. If your machine ID changes and you thus cannot remove the old one, send us a quick email and we'll get it cleared for you so you have an available license seat once more. 

If you receive Error 523 after performing an update or computer change, check out our article here.