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Error 523

Error 523 means that the Smaart machine ID has changed. This is most commonly caused by upgrading your operating system or changing major hardware components (RAM, HDD) of your computer. In Smaart v8, Error 523 sometimes does not appear until you attempt activation. 
To resolve the error, simply close Smaart and delete the Smaart__.ticket* file located in the following directory;
*Replace __ with the version of Smaart you are using. For example, Smaart v7.4 is "Smaart74.Ticket", Smaart v8 is "Smaart8.Ticket", etc. 

     Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Ticket

     Windows Vista\7\8: C:\Users\Public\Ticket

     Mac OSX: (MachintoshHD)\Users\Shared\Ticket
         (Press Shift-Command-C to open the Computer window and access the hard drive)

Once the file is deleted, start Smaart. If you are asked to restore a missing activated license, click "No". 
Now you should see the first activation screen in Smaart, along with your new machine ID.
If you have an open installation spot on your license, you can use "Activate Online Now" (Smaart v7) to activate again. Make sure that you also send us an email to request the removal of the old ID.
If you do not have an open installation spot, you'll need to first send us an email and request the removal of the old ID before you can activate again. Remember to include your license number, the old machine ID (from your license page), and the new machine ID (from Smaart).
Please note: Do not deactivate Smaart prior to an OS upgrade, HDD change, or Time Machine migration in an attempt to circumvent Error 523. Doing so may cause license corruption that will prevent you from being able to deactivate or activate Smaart without assistance from support. Remember to leave Smaart activated if you are planning to upgrade your operating system and email support with your old and new machine IDs. If you are running Smaart v8, you will likely have a seamless transition without experiencing a machine ID change at all. 
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