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Upgraded to OSX 10.14 (Mojave) and Smaart Isn't Seeing Input

OSX 10.14 Mojave introduced a new security feature that limits an application's access to input devices if not approved by the user.


In the case of Smaart, audio interfaces will show output channels but will not show input channels if the option to allow the "microphone" is not approved. 


The first time Smaart is opened after updating to Mojave, a dialog appears asking if you'd like to use the microphone:

This dialog is a little misleading, because it asks if Smaart can use your microphone when in reality it actually applies to all input devices--not just the on-board microphone. 


If you clicked "Don't Allow", you will experience the symptoms described above. In order to manually allow Smaart to use your audio input device, you will need to open System Preferences and navigate to Security and Privacy > Privacy > Microphone and check the box next to Smaart:


This should allow the input device to work in Smaart. If you still are not able to access your input device, then please check with your audio device manufacturer to ensure your audio device has supported drivers. Otherwise, you can submit a support ticket and we will assist you with troubleshooting the problem.