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Licensing / Registration FAQs

My computer runs two operating systems, can I install Smaart on both?
If you have multiple operating systems installed on your computer, and you want to have Smaart installed and activated on each, you will need one installation spot for each operating system instance. The operating system is one of the many components used to generate the machine ID, so although the operating systems share the same hardware they will be assigned different machine IDs.
Should I deactivate Smaart prior to upgrading my operating system?
If you plan to upgrade your operating system (i.e Win 7→Win 10, El Capitan→OS Si... more
Does Smaart have a dongle-based license option?
Currently we do not offer a dongle-based licensing option for Smaart. Please read the Licensing Help Guide for information on how Smaart's licensing system functions. 
How many computer installations can I have with my Smaart license?
Each standard Smaart license comes with two installation spots. Larger licenses ... more
I don't know my Smaart license number / license code, where can I find it?
Smaart license numbers can be found by logging-in to your account at my.rational... more