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"Certificate Verification Failed" Error
This is an error related to the Certificate Verification process for Smaart v8 a... more
Smaart keeps crashing
Crashes can be difficult to track down unless we can reproduce the crash here at... more
Smaart I-O Isn't Working Properly in OSX 10.11.4
If you are having problems with Smaart interacting with your Rational Acoustics ... more
Smaart won't open
There are two common reasons that Smaart would fail to open: a licensing problem... more
Blue screen of death (BSOD)
The Windows "stop error", more commonly known as the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)... more
SmaartLive 5 won't run in Windows Vista/7/8
Follow the instructions below to install SmaartLive 5 on Windows Vista or newer.... more
Smaart v6 won't open on OSX
Starting with OSX Lion, Apple made significantchanges to permissions and securit... more