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Why does the audio output from Smaart pause/skip/stutter etc while performing measurements?
Many interfaces used for Smaart are designed for recording applications, where l... more
Can I use my microphones sensitivity value in Mv/Pa to calibrate for SPL?
This functionality is only supported with the Smaart IO device. For more informa... more
Is the Smaart v8 API compatible with programs using the v.7 API (Lake Controller, iRemote, Apex)?
From 8.0.2 and newer, the Smaart v8 API is backwards compatible with the v7 API ... more
Do I have to pay for software updates or technical support?
Major version upgrades are paid (for example Smaart v.7, v.8, v.9....). Beyond t... more
I don't know my Smaart license number/license code, where can I find it?
Smaart license numbers can be found by logging-in to your account at http://my.r... more
If I upgrade to a new version of Smaart, can I still use my old version?
Each version of Smaart operates independently of all other versions, so you can ... more
What are the system requirements for Smaart?
The recommended system requirements can be found here (http://www.rationalacoust... more
Can I try Smaart before I buy it?
The most recent versions of Smaart and Smaart Diof may be downloaded for a free ... more
When was Smaart v8 Released?
Smaart v8 was released on March 15th, 2016. more
When was Smaart v7 released?
Smaart v.7 was released on April 14th, 2010. more
Can I copy my Smaart settings from an old computer to a new computer?
Configuration files and captured traces can be transferred from an old computer ... more
How do I update Smaart?
To update Smaart, simply log into your account at http://my.rationalacoustics.co... more
Does Smaart have a dongle-based license option?
Currently we do not offer a dongle-based licensing option for Smaart. more
Do you have a list of compatible hardware?
We do not maintain a list of hardware that is compatible with Smaart. Smaart v7... more
Do you have any videos or tutorials about Smaart?
We have a YouTube channel with lot of videos about configuration and measurement... more
Where can I attend a training class on Smaart?
Our current class schedule is located here:http://www.rationalacoustics.com/trai... more
What's the difference between the Smaart "Hard Copy Package" and the "Electronic Delivery"?
The "Hard Copy Package" purchase option for Smaart includes a CD-ROM with Window... more
Where can I buy Smaart?
You can purchase Smaart directly from our online store, or through any of our US... more
How many computer installations can I have with my Smaart license?
Each standard Smaart license comes with two installation spots. Larger licenses ... more
Does Smaart still work with Lake/Labgruppen/Lake Controller?
SmaartLive 5.4 and the Analyzer Bridge The Dolby® Lake® Analyzer Bridge was a p... more
Will Smaart do 'this'?
Smaart can do a lot of things. It's used for measuring sound reinforcement syste... more
What operating systems does Smaart v7 support?
Smaart v7 and Smaart v7 Di were designed, from the beginning, to be dual-platfor... more
What Operating Systems does Smaart v8 Support?
Smaart v8 wasdesigned, from the beginning, to be dual-platform. Each Smaart lice... more